Friday, October 28, 2011

3D Poem

I think i invented voidology and may have also invented dimensionality in thinking or is it dementia
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo poems:

... a poet mercenary.

Make poems not war. The US department of poetry has it's official mission to make poems not war. Get a job there as a poet mercenary.

This poem tastes like a ham sandwich.

that's the poem. I don't eat meat.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Like To Rhyme.

 A rhyme in time saves nine. Rhyming is like a mime but not so quiet.  You take a fresh lime and you make it rhyme with a little thyme and bake it in the oven  If you prefer you can just fry it in lard or slime.  If you suck the baked lime it should definitely rhyme.  One must take the time for proper rhymes.  Life's too short not to rhyme.  Its a very fair thing to  treat the mind to rhymes.  I rhyme with me and me rhymes with I.  What if the two of us rhyme can we rhyme each other?  Your rhyme or mine?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baked, Fried, Microwaved Literary Recipe...

Recipe: Gently whisk one cup of grammar with select words and spices in to fluff.
Splatter fluff on to a verb-safe baking pan. Sprinkle with adverbs.  Place in Microwave oven set on
'high lust'.  Bake in the microwave oven until it blows up, ruins your life ,destroys the planet.   Fresh baked poetry. Tastes better than butter.

"I know great poetry when I see it."

I know great poetry.   It makes me dizzy.  Until I start to vomit. --Lex Loeb 2011

Oh no in the public Library.

What could be worse?  Found the Anthology of Nazi Poetry in The public library.

"I fell asleep , woke up catharsis...."

I fell asleep , woke up , saw my reflection only to realize i am a goldfish in a fish bowl.  --Lex Loeb 2011

Flying High, Flying by....

Flying High . Flying Over.  Flying by.  Fly Poetry Airlines..  Jet Verse.  Lex Loeb 2011

"My Poetry Will Follow Me To The Grave..."

My poetry will follow me to the grave unless i am cremated in which case it will be ethereal.  Lex Loeb 2011